Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, refer to your instruction manual on how to delete all programmed remotes and re-programme existing remotes
No, please contact us to help find the correct remote for your garage door opener
Yes, disconnect the manual release and the door will slide up and down freely. An additional rechargeable battery back up can also be fitted
Yes the garage door opener can only operate once these have been removed or disconnected.
No the springs must remain as they support the garage door opener during opening and closing
The hand transmitter works on radio signals. Variables such as location, radio interference in the area, and battery strength can influence the signal. We recommend operating the door from a within 20m but only when the door is in clear sight of the operator.
Either an obstruction has been detected or the force setting is set too low. Check your instruction manual to change this
In most circumstances installing a garage door openers is a Do It Yourself job
Doors should be lubricated and chain/belt tension should be checked every few months or as required.