GarageAce Garage Door Openers

will revolutionise the way you come and go.

Great Reasons to Buy a GarageAce™

GarageAce™ automatic garage door openers will enhance the convenience and usability of your home by incorporating these sophisticated features:

Whisper Quiet

Our Garageace garage door openers have exceptionally quiet motors and the low noise belt drive system makes them one of the smoothest operating automatic door system on the market.


The intelligent rolling code system of the Garageace remotes makes your home secure from attempted entry. Garageace gives you peace of mind as to your property’s safety


An efficient electrical design which includes a low wattage courtesy light makes Garageace garage door openers an eco friendly and low cost option.

DIY Installation

Garageace garage door openers are easy to install to both new and existing garage doors. Clear installation manuals make the installation and set up a quick and easy process

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The Ultimate Convenience

Garage door automation has been around a long time. It’s a convenience, not a necessity. In fact, you could call it the Ultimate Convenience. Garage doors are used multiple times every day. Sure you can open and close them manually, but think about coming home on a cold wet winter night with the rain pounding down and the wind blowing the rain horizontal. Do you really want to get out of your cosy warm car and open the garage door? With automation, the door will be open as you drive into the driveway. No waiting, no effort, no getting battered by the weather, the Ultimate Convenience.

Let GarageAce automate you NOW!